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Black Market Basics

The below page holds a guide ( kindly created by spamsdelicious ) that will take you through the use of the Black Market feature of Xyber Wars. It is advisible that you also use the manual as a refernece throughout the game.

If you have any questions or need help, please check out the forums.
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The Black Market is a good way to get something you need when you may lack any other means to get it, but most importantly trading on the black market is a good way to save money when purchasing items for your base.

A black market trade's life cycle begins when an Overlord makes a set offer of a specified amount of ore for a specified amount of items. The offer is then sent to the Market Lords for review, and shortly thereafter is displayed for other Overlords to peruse. If a shopping Overlord sees a trade he likes, he accepts the trade and deals directly with the Market Lords who then in turn take the items from the purchaser and deliver them to the payer - middle manning the transaction for absolute trade security.

When browsing the trade offer list, the names of the Overlords who posted the offers are listed. However, this was not always the case. Amendment of the Black Market Privacy Act (to include the market's ability to divulge their clients' names) came about following a mass petition to the Market's Council by members of 26 independent XW factions requesting more control over who they trade with, amongst other arguments. In the end, the customer is always right.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the black market is the Extractor trade which occurs. In the past fiscal year, more than 92% of trades on the market were for Ore Extractors! In this section we'll take a look at what driving this behavior, and how participants can protect themselves from fraud while still reaping the benefits of a lucrative market! A battleworthy Overlord knows that as one builds more extractors, extractors begin to cost more to build. Not only that, but each extractor which is built requires 1 CiX of land for its infrastructure. Eventually extractors can become quite costly and almost unprofitable to built. This is where the Black Market shines. By posting up a well calculated market offer, a savvy Overlord is able to acquire Extractors (& the land they occupy) from other players at prices far more economical than constructing them theirselves. There is also a chance of getting ripped off, however.

When selling anything on the Black Market, be sure to calculate the per/unit cost of the trade. Consider the following tactic accepted as fair-game on the market: some buyers will fish for hasty traders by posting obscure amounts of ore in attempt to bait the seller and confuse them into selling a sizeable amount of goods for a relatively small amount of ore. There are several ways to apply this market strategy, of which market flooding and price scrambling seem to be most common.

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