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Getting Started Quick Quide

The below page holds a guide ( kindly created by spamsdelicious ) that will take you through your first clicks in the game if you have not played before, in 6 simply steps. It is advisible that you also use the manual as a refernece throughout the game.

If you have any questions or need help, please check out the forums.
Best of luck,
The Xyber Wars Team.

There is also a guide to the Black Market, if you wish to utilize the black market then its a must read. It's found here

6 Easy Beginners Tips ...

1. First Buildings

"If you build it - they will come"
When you first take command of your base you will be granted a limited amount of resources and units. Immediately access the Construction screen from the left menu and construct an Ore Refinery to begin accruing credits. Once your Refinery is operational you will no longer be losing funds each hour from paying your units' salaries.
The next building a war-savvy Overlord may want to construct is the Laser Weapons Facility; this structure will allow the production of vessels in the Fleet Yard and also allow for construction of the Battlefield Outpost Facility, your Terra Firma's first line of defense.

2. Starting to Scout Land

"We have dibs on it"
Scouts provide the only consistently reliable method by which additional land may be acquired. On the Terrain screen you will be able to hire and fire your Scouts, as well as conduct away missions to stake your Terra Firma's flag on undeveloped land. Simply click the Scout button to send your Scouts out to retrieve CiX, but bear in mind there is a progressively increasing delay between each away mission so units can return, recover, and resupply.
Additional Scouts cost 10,000 per unit and each Scout will need to be paid a salary every tick. On that note, consider a common mistake in early base management: paying handsomely to hire additional scouts - only to have to dismiss them in order to maintain a positive cash flow!

3. Generating Income

"It is what makes the world go 'round"
War is costly, and to increase the amount of credits added to your Balance on each tick you will need to build additional Ore Extractors. To manage your extractors, access the Resources screen from the left column. Additional extractors will each require 1 CiX of undeveloped land, and the price of additional extractors increases each time more are built. A wise Overlord will try to buy multiple extractors at a time to offset subsequent price hikes.

The Ore Refinery provides income over the span of each hour: every ten minutes, an equal fraction of the Refinery's hourly production is added to the base's coffers. This makes the scheduling of salary payments difficult; thankfully, the tick system is in place so salaries are paid on the hour. But most importantly, because of the irregular ore production schedule, it is *crucial* for any Overlord developing a new base to balance their budget before making purchases so as to not emd up with a negative balance!

4. Initialising a small fleet

"The more the merrier"
Vessels are the primary offensive unit type on the modern battlefield, and you don't want to be the only Overlord without them. Clicking the Fleet Yard button brings up a list of constructable vessels allowed by your current technology level. Vessels cost nothing to maintain so build to your heart's content, but be weary of over-inflating your score and falling prey to more powerful Terra Firmas as you may climb into their attack range!

5. Establishing defence primeter

"Like lambs to the slaughter"
Outposts are the first line of defense against invading armies who would seek to plunder your land and resources. Construction of the Battlestation Outpost Facility building enables Outposts to be deployed to the perimeter of your Terra Firma, a process which is entirely automated. As newer technologies become available you will be able to invest credits to research defense module upgrades for your Outposts. With a well developed network of Outposts you can give invading fleets a good whallop and send them retreating back to their Overlord while keeping friendly casualties to a minimum.

6. To action!

"Ready for orders, Sir!"
Now that you know what you need to know to get a firm start, take control of your Terra Firma and lead your people to victory. The world awaits your command, Overlord!

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